We manage your investments as though it were our own money. In fact, our fund managers personally invest in the funds they manage. They use a team approach to help ensure information and ideas are shared, discussed and debated. They use their knowledge and experience as well as creativity, imagination and entrepreneurial spirit to identify unique investment ideas they believe will provide you – the investor- with attractive returns over time.

At Databank, protecting and growing your investment is our priority. Here are five major reasons to invest with us:

  1. Proudly Ghanaian: Databank was founded 27 years ago by Ghanaians for Ghanaians. The leadership has since changed hands, but it continues to rest on the shoulders of “home-grown” Ghanaians. Although we have expanded our vision to reach all of AFRICA, our roots remain firmly planted in Ghana. Over the past 27 years, these roots have given us unique insight into how to best meet the investment needs of Ghanaians and we’re committed to remaining that way. We remain forever proudly Ghanaian.

2. Choice: Databank offers Ghanaians more choice when it comes to mutual fund investments than any other firm in Ghana. You’ve got MFund, BFund, ArkFund, EDIFund and most notably Epack. Why is this important? Because no two investors are the same. We offer different products to meet different client needs and expectations. Choice matters, and we’re happy to give you that.


3. Leadership: As our logo succinctly puts it, leadership is at our core. Leadership in the investment products we offer; the research we provide; the decisions we make. Leadership is one of the pillars upon which Databank was founded 27 years ago, and it’s a leadership mindset that has enabled us to maintain a market share of over 60% for over two decades.

4. Innovation: Databank has had the privilege of celebrating many “firsts” within the Ghanaian investment industry. We’re very proud of this, not because of the accolades, but because of what it means to us. It means we’re constantly innovating and thinking of ways to help you achieve financial independence- whether you’re an individual or company.

5. Customized financial solutions: If you are looking for a private banking experience or for a benefit fund, endowment fund or corporate fund to meet your needs, Databank can help. Our Wealth management and institutional teams offer you access to dedicated fund managers and relationship managers, who will provide customized investment solutions designed to meet your investment goals.

Source: Databankgroup