Homefoods: ready to cook, ready to eat, culinary innovators

Homefoods processes and packages various types of ethnic foods, fused flavours and spices from around the world for both local and export markets such as Europe, America, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea and The Gambia.

Incorporated in Ghana in August, 1995, our core business is linked to improving Nutrition, Health, Agriculture and Productivity. Homefoods supply chain starts from the farm gate with more than 5,000 and counting, cooperative members as women and suppliers, hence saving a chunk of foreign exchange for the country, resulting in spillover of wealth within the farming communities, especially for women.

Our mission is to focus attention and creativity on basic food ingredients and services to all and sundry, homes, catering, hotel and fast food industries; food products they absolutely need and want, making every meal an experience.

Jollof rice
cooked beans and fried plantain
Palava sauce and boiled plantain
Waakye (Cooked rice and beans)

Let us introduce you to our various products that are manufactured and packaged with the highest quality:

  1. Ethnic Range: Homefoods’ Ethnic Range are essential food ingredients for every kitchen. We understand the needs of our consumers and customers, thus provide food products for everyday use. Our Ethnic Food Range makes every meal an experience.                 
  2. Homefoods Seasonings: Homefoods boasts of a line of custom-made seasonings which is peculiar to the company.  Our seasonings are of top quality made from carefully selected natural ingredients with an out-of-this world fusion of traditional Ghanaian spices ensuring freshness and flavour.  The product lines include Rice, Chicken, Fish, All-purpose, Jollof and Waakye seasonings and are available in jars and pouches. The Fish range comprises mild, hot, extra hot and lemon,coconut and pepper varieties.                
  3. Ready to eat meals:                                                                                                   Homefoods’ Nature’s Harvest Collection is a line of ready-to-eat meals that meet the needs of consumers who because of their busy lifestyle hardly find time for traditional cooking. The delicious ready-to-eat meals which offer homemade taste require just two to three minutes in the microwave and are perfect as a meal for each member of the family. The meals have been inspired by Grandma’s Secret Recipe, and are made using high quality ingredients, and carefully crafted by ‘fusing flavours and spices from around the world’ to ensure wonderful flavour and aroma. Packed in microwaveable pouches, they have a shelf-life of 18 months. Included in Homefood’s new Nature’s Harvest Collection are the following items: (i) Ready to Eat Rice Meals (ii) Ready to Eat Soups                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The culinary alchemist has changed your traditional preparation of Soups & Rice into tasty READY TO EAT hot steamy fragrant bowl of Fried Rice, Jollof Rice, Seasoned Rice, Waakye Rice, Neri Neri Soup, Peanut Soup & Fava Soup cooked to a perfect texture, melts on your tongue whiles nurturing the intense spicy flavour. Your senses yearn for more and anytime your thoughts travel to these meals, you just sigh and wish for more!

Source :  homefoodsghana.com