Nexans: at the core of high performance infrastructure

The power generation and distribution deficit in West Africa is holding back development. Many countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone and Malawi have electrification rates of just 10%. The development of a well-structured electrification system allows businesses and economies to grow rapidly. 

The world economy is now a global reality whose performance is largely driven by a number of dynamic forces which include energy resources, energy infrastructures, transportation, communication and buildings.

Nexans can help you achieve your goals not only through our quality cable products, solutions and systems, but also through initial planning and design, customization, testing, process upgrades, production refinements, advanced logistics, installation, maintenance, aftersales service, and recycling.

Whether you are an EPC, an OEM, a power utility, telecom operator, design and engineering specialist, architect, installer or wholesaler… We can help you put performance at the core of your business… and your business at the core of performance.


With a manufacturing plant in Tema, the Industrial enclave of Ghana, Nexans is a global expert in cables and cabling systems and a leader in this business.

Nexans is expanding the infinite capacities of cables needed for the most advanced systems and technologies: in energy, telecommunications, buildings, automobiles, trains, aeronautics, the health sector, etc.

Nexans is dedicated to reliability because you want your equipment, modules, and networks to work efficiently to serve your customers for many years to come.

Nexans is dedicated to innovation since innovative companies are the ones that survive in a competitive economy where customer satisfaction and product differentiation count.

Nexans is dedicated to safety, to protect employees, travelers and the general public, and safeguard your capital investment, especially in demanding operating conditions.

Nexans is a partner who understands your needs and speaks your language for fast delivery, emergencies, product improvements and process planning.

Nexans has installed plants, facilities and offices around the world to support its customers’ international activities. Understanding the local supply chain and culture allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to support production. We keep close to the customer by working side-by-side with them to meet requirements, solve specific problems, and adapt proven technology to their own special needs.

Our outdoor energy cables:

  1. LV underground power cables
  2. MV underground power cables
  3. Land High Voltage cables
  4. Overhead lines
  5. Submarine Medium Voltage cables

Our indoor energy cables:

 Our systems, accessories & equipment:

Our data & transmission cables:


The customer at the core of excellence

We are committed to putting customers first so as to understand their needs and expectations and devise solutions that enable them to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, we permanently adjust our operational processes to become more competitive, more flexible and more efficient for the benefit of the customer.