Booomers: a true intersection of function, beauty and natural poise


Booomers International manufactures high quality Bamboo bicycle frames, Bamboo Bikes, Bamboo Phone speakers, Bamboo Bicycle Stands, and Bamboo tricycles from Ghana to maximize customer satisfaction. You do not only buy a great product but the product that makes the difference in people’s lives.




Booomers International trains and employs 50 Ghanaian rural youth between the ages of 18 and 29 who would not have otherwise had any chance to employment. At its factory in Apaah, Ghana, West Africa, we produce more than 2500 units of bamboo bicycles and bicycle frames, 1200 tricycles, 1000 bamboo bicycle stands, 15000 bamboo phone speakers and over 2000 bamboo bicycle baskets a year. Booomers International is the market leader in Ghana and the number one Bamboo Frame provider to Europe, North America and Australia.

Since its inception in 2009, quality has always come first and our bamboo Products have become a true intersection of function, beauty, and a natural poise. Our Bamboo Products are handmade in Ghana with a difference. It has high quality finishing like no other. They are Naturally Cultivated, Rigorously Engineered, Proven and shipped to different countries over the world. Our Bamboo Frames have passed three ISO tests including Germany, Taiwan and Australia. Shock proof, Strong and light weight. Our frames weigh between 2.5kg and 4kg depending on Bike model and size.


Each product is unique and gives you the feel of prestige as you become the center of attract

Booomers  International is not just a company but one with a social mission to support growth and empowerment in rural Ghana. We are a classic example of a social enterprise. Booomers as part of its social mission to empower vulnerable children and youth supports its sister organization, The Yonso Project to undertake several programs and activities which empowers local communities to break the cycle of poverty. Apart from providing direct and indirect employment to youth in rural communities, Booomers supports educational development in the form of scholarships and literacy programs to empower children access quality education. We are putting up a model school that will serve thousands of children from different communities. At the same time, Our bike to School program provides opportunity for rural children have a means of transport to travel to school.


Plantation of bamboo leads to environmental sustainability and reduce carbon emission.

Our vision is to make bamboo a number one global resource and to become the world’s leader in the bamboo manufacturing industry.  Buy Booomers product NOW!

Credit: Booomers International