Revolutionary artisanal chocolate made from bean to bar: 57 chocolate


‘57 chocolate is the pioneer bean to bar chocolate business in Accra, Ghana defined by creativity and luxury. This venture uses resources grown within the country to create delicious, whimsical treats. ’57 chocolate hones in on Ghana’s Independence Day spirit and challenges the status quo that premium chocolate can only be made in Europe.

At ‘57 chocolate we take dried cocoa beans and process them into luxurious chocolate and confections. Using our creative skills and imagination, we make products that are a reflection and celebration of Ghanaian art and culture.

Handcrafted chocolate from bean-to-bar! Savour Ghanaian art and culture.

Our mission is to revive the 1957 “can do spirit” by adding value to the cocoa bean and cocoa farmer— on a local scale.

Discover our signature chocolate bars and confections available in 10 or 50 grams. 

They are perfect for a quick treat and come in dark, milk, white, mocha latte, and bissap.


73 percent Dark chocolate

Milk chocolate

White chocolate

Mocha latte (coffee flavor)

Bissap (hibiscus flavor)


73 percent dark chocolate

73 percent dark chocolate with sea salt

73 percent dark chocolate with almonds

73 percent dark chocolate with coconut



Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate with almonds

Milk chocolate with sea salt

Milk chocolate with almond and sea salt

Milk chocolate with coconut



White chocolate

Mocha Latte (coffee flavor)

Mocha Latte (coffee flavor) with almonds

Bissap (hibiscus flavor)


Excite your taste buds with these local and international flavors. ‘57 chocolate is all natural made from bean to bar with Ghana’s finest cocoa beans.



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Kimberly Addison and Priscilla Addison

Founders of 57 Chocolate