Golden drop: truly the mind, body and soul of Ghana


Golden drop is the best brand of premium vegetable cooking oil extracted from crude palm oil in a 500MT per day refinery located in Tema, Ghana. It is owned and operated by Avnash Industries Ghana Limited.

Golden drop has a premium look matching Ghana’s colours. It is fortified with vitamins to address deficiencies and has a golden colour attesting to the mineral wealth underneath Ghana’s soil. It is truly the mind, body and soul of Ghana.


Every drop is refined to provide you, your family and the nation with 100 percent purity and nourishment. Meals cooked with Golden drop have exceptional taste. A taste that inspires the mind, invigorates the body and enchants the soul.

Some of the health benefits contained in this vegetable cooking oil include reduction of risk to macular degeneration and cataract, improvement of energy levels in the body, prevention of cancer, boosting of hormonal balance, alleviation of strain on cardiovascular system and prevention of vitamin deficiencies in pregnant women and children.


Golden drop comes in various ranges, 100 ML sachet and 500ML sachet, 1L PET Bottle, 3L PET bottle and 35L Jerry Can. Depending on your needs as a customer, Golden drop is conveniently and affordably packaged to suit your requirement.


Discover golden moments by preparing your favorite African meals with Golden drop premium pure vegetable cooking oil. Every drop is made from the heart of Ghana with you in mind.

Contact Avnash Industries for Golden drop premium pure vegetable cooking oil on  +233 303 214 384 or email